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Do you finally want to have a cool jersey sponsor with your club? Do you love amateur football and not RB? Then apply now for the new 2024/2025 season!
We would like to make it very clear in advance that we will not sponsor youth teams under any circumstances. We therefore ask you to refrain from such requests.
Of course, we are aware that sponsoring HANFDAN or a comparable company in this industry always involves hurdles. We would therefore like to ask you to only send us an inquiry if your club has no concerns about this.
Nevertheless, we also have options to offer somewhat more passive sponsorship.

You have the choice between the following two logos.

The Hanfdan brand logo
(in all color variations, suitable for your jersey)

alternatively the brand logo of our clothing brand HANFDAN ORIGINALS
(in all color variations, suitable for your jersey)

Our offer to you and your team is as follows. If you decide on the first logo, we will cover the entire cost of the jersey set. If you choose logo number 2, we will contribute 60% of the cost of the jersey set.

Since we are big fans of football, we would always like to ask for two of the sponsored jerseys with the number 42 on the back.

We would like to present the sponsored teams on our website and on Instagram, so we need permission from your club to use images and attribution.

Our offer does not only refer to football in clubs. Are you a recreational footballer and connoisseur and just want some cool jerseys with your friends, or do you have an event coming up?
Ask us and tell us about your project and your ideas.

If you have now decided to sponsor us, then we will of course need the relevant information about you and your friends or your club.

Name of the club/team
(1st team, 2nd team, old men, women etc.)
Address of the club/team
League affiliation
Choosing the logo
Number of games per season
Duration of expected use of the jersey set
(non-binding, serves only for internal overview)
Rough cost estimate or desired idea of ​​the jersey set
(if necessary, additional tracksuits, away jerseys, alternative jerseys...)
Brief introduction of you or your club -
Why are we both a good match?

We would be happy to discuss all further details with you personally.
Write to us directly here using the contact form.

We look forward to your request.

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